Madrid Skyline

Madrid skyline<br>Oil on Canvas<br>101 x 101 x 3cm<br>Available
Madrid Skyline

Fortunately in 2018 during a visit to southern France, my sister suggested a rendez-vous in Madrid with her flying in from London and me training down from San Sebastian.

Prior to this suggestion I hadn’t really had the “Madrid Urge” and had simply pidgeon-holed the city as somewhere I didn’t need to go this life time. How wrong was I?!

My favourite tour guide in the world, my grandma, had told me about The Prado, Museo Reina Sofa and others, but I thought it might be a bit boring. Very very off point!

Just like MOMA in New York, The Lourve in Paris and the Tait in London, the art galleries in Madrid are the holy grail for artists. As is the many hundreds of art galleries, street art and culture.

I feasted on the visual sights and fed my soul.

The hotel we were staying in had a fantastic roof top bar, fashioned from a van.

I am not sure how it got up there but it was a funky addition to the central hotel. From the skyline one’s eye could stretch out over Madrid. It wasn’t until that first encounter with the skyline that I appreciated how BIG Madrid was.

What also expanded my view on Madrid was the myriad of steeples telling the story of Madrid’s rich history.

I sat and painted trying to capture the chapters of history unfolding before me silhouetted against a European Autumn sky.

Over the next two days were visited the famous fish and food markets, otherwise known as Mercado de San Miguel. Small food vendours offer incredible pinxos and tintos from all over Spain, but particularly Madrid in flavours. I loved it!

From sea urchins, to fish tartare to Octapus and deserts. It is a lively market and well worth the visit.

The skyline has always been something I wanted to capture large scale and whilst I haven’t based my current exhibition around this theme, I could and never run out of subject matter.

The piece I will be presenting at my upcoming pop up art exhibition is one that captures the skyline and the fish market in one. Zoom in on the bottom right and you will see the seafood that Spain is infamous for whilst the eyes are drawn to the intriguing spirals of the Madrid sky, very much like mine were.

Oil on Canvas

101 x 101 cm

Stretch Canvas