Barcelona Art Scene


Last week I spent 3 days in Barcelona. There really is no other city in the world like it. This was my second trip to Barcelona and the beat has changed a bit. I didn’t feel it was as safe as it was 11 years ago it felt more “edgy”. But with that comes a vibrant art scene.

These are some “must go to places” if you love your art!

1. Visit Port de Barcelona

The main marina area is uplifting. Lots of people, lots of things to see and some really cool statue/bouys in the water. This precinct was probably my favourite area in Barcelona and every day I went down to smell the sea air and grab a quick catamaran ride, or swim in the ocean.

2. Sagrada Familia

This church is stunning. It is more an religious playground and architectual phenomena. Gaudi was the second architect to work on the building and his vision for the completed building (it is still being constructed) is mind blowing.

When you enter the building through the “forest doors” the structural columns are shaped like tree trunks. The stain glass is like a fantasy and to really appreciate all the subtlities, I recommend a tour. You can book them through their website Sagrada Familia or do “jump the queue” options with other sites like trip advisor.

3. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

Well, this is definitely one museum I would recommend missing. It is sparce, not cutting edge and expensive for what it offers. Unless you like modern history, film and random stuff, there is plenty more on offer in Barcelona.

4. Random Art Exhibitions

Must say I feel very fortunate to have seen the last few hours of this exhibition/fund raiser called Kronos Art.

One of the organisers Sara and I had a quick catch up at the end and the whole idea of the exhibition (with contributions from artists to sell their work) is to raise money for an orphanage in Peru (I think)…

I am all into using art to promote artists, promote causes and add joy.