Carnivale, Venice
Carnivale, Venice

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I have long loved this quote and understood it’s potent message.

When people are forced to show their true face and speak their truth, all sorts of editing and voices play around in their heads. Give them a mask and freedom is suddenly discovered and truths told.

In 2019 my sister suggested we visit Carnivale in Venice for my birthday.

What a great idea.

I flew in from Australia and she flew in with her partner, from the UK.

Venice is spectacular with it’s canals, food and northern Italian luxuries, but add another level of WOW with Carnivale.

People dressed up, masks, frivolities, music, festivals and endless dreaming.

Here I was trying to get my jet-lagged mind around the magnitude and magnificence of Carnivale. The festival which runs for 14 days dates back 1000 + years and it a true party and festive time.

I highly recommend going if you can.

This piece is a celebration of all my memories of Canivale. Including a naked woman who was being painted at a mask ball I attended.

The arch ways, the drops, the colour summazing an amazing experience once upon a time.

Oil on Canvas

Pine float framed

63.5cm x 1.55cm

$3750 USD