Cooly Swimmers

Cooly Swimmers<br>Oil on Canvas<br>167cm x 183cm x 3cm<br>Available
Cooly Swimmers

The Southern beaches of the Gold Coast are some of the most idyllic, cleanest beaches in the world.

Certainly the most inspirational and joyful.

The coastal walk brings your feet close to the water whilst your soul is swept away in the gentle tide.

I love living in this part of the world and the last 12 months have found me meeting the most wonderful people and experiencing the blue seas of the coast.

The painting depicts, the things I love the most:

Snapper Rocks in the distance

Greenmount Hill

Coolangatta Beach with five of the guys I swim with, including Bruce who is floating out to see (he loves swimming out deep)!

The colours of the Coolangatta Surf Lifesaving Club are red/white/blue.

Kirra Beach

Kirra Hotel and Pagola

Our house

Cassidy the wild koala whose cage I have been cleaning at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

This piece is for sale on request.

Oil on canvas

183cm x 167 cm