I grew up in Tasmania with grandma being a celebrated Tassie artist. She has been a mentor and friend for years and has helped incredibly behind the scenes with techniques, artists to learn from and how to unravels one’s inner artist.

Recognising from a very young age that I saw the world differently to most and that art is the perfect communication tool, has held me in good stead to be an artist. I see the world in a montage of colours, lights and shapes.

When I draw or paint I don’t see matter as others see it.

I see the energy, the nuances, the shadows and these are my blueprint to draw and recreate.

Depending on my mood, or current influences, including music artists, I will let the canvas unfold on its own merits. I see my role more as a facilitator of what is to be created rather than the driver of what is to be created.

My favourite subject matter at the moment are global landscapes.

Spending much of my time traveling I love the role colour plays and how important it is to our experience of the planet. A sunset blazon with ruby reds over a sea that we know if blue but appears dark green and black. It excites me.

I attempt to challenge what people know they see, by what is. For example, we know the sky is blue but often orange works just by exploring colour and juxtaposing a cliff beside it clad in muted greys.

I also like the way art can alter someone’s mood and change their state.

There are few things in the world that can do this as quick as art; a hug, a tragedy, an image.

My Samantha Beau CV influences are Rothko, Brett Whitely and the post impressionists.

My current ambitions are to create art that people love, seek out and want to hang in their homes, and hung in the most prestigious galleries in the world.

Samantha Beau Art CV

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Gold Coast Bulletin 2017

Gold Coast Bulletin 2017

My community board appeared in the paper 2017. The article was about a community chalk board I set up on my front fence that encouraged people to stop, connect and draw. It was a massive success.
The full story is here. 

Gold Coast Bulletin 2018

Gold Coast Bulletin 2018

A feature article about my combining of art and nutrition. The full article is below. 

Gold Coast Bulletin 25th December 2018

Gold Coast Bulletin 2018

This was a fun article for Christmas Day about a street chalk I did to make people laugh. It was a funny angle and the kids and I loved it.

The full article is here.

Ocean Road Magazine 2019