The Dance of Man

dance of man

Recently this year I traveled to Greece, the heart of civilisation (according to my close friend).

Most of my travels to Europe prior to this trip have been in Italy, France and Spain. Discovering Athens and the ancient civilisations of the Cyclads and Minoan was exciting and intriguing.

I was not prepared for the incredible art, sculpture and architecture.

I have written more about my travels in Greece on my travel blog here.

This blog is about a piece that I love. It is called The Dance of Man and is a light look at the evolution of man from the dawn of civilisation to now.

Whilst in Greece I became acutely aware of symbols and repetitive art themes.

Back in Australia I delved a little deeper and discover a woman called Genevieve Von Petzinger who specialises in cave symbols. In her TED talk she discusses the 32 symbols and their relevance in history.

I love this painting as it incorporates the old and the new. And the older I become, the more I realise there is no such thing as “new”.

The Dance of Man 91cm x 91cm
Acrylic on canvas