Exhibition Rome – The Golden Ration Art Exhibition


The Art Exhibitions in Rome is proud to present on September 25th 2021, The Golden Ration Art Exhibition.

Curated by talented Eileen Contreras and hosted at the Palazzo Ruspoli the exhibition is going to offer people a wide range of tantilising art works and experiences.

Eileen has a strong passion for art and driving artists to new zones.

The history behind the Palazzo Ruspoli is amazing and is considered one of the “four marvels” of Rome. This six hundred year old palace was once home to the exiled Napoleon III.

The architecture in the palace is stunning and uplifting. My humble piece should compliment the walls nicely.

This is my piece.


The Secret Keyhole’s story can be read more about here.

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Much love

Tanti Baci

Sammy xx