Glover Art Prize 2021 – Clear Water, Nibbalin

Clear Water, Nibbalin Samantha Beau

I am very excited to have submitted by entry for this year’s Tasmanian art prize, the Glover Art Prize.

Growing up in Hobart I spent hours day dreaming and playing in the Clear Water, Nibbalin.

The River Derwent was named by John Hayes in 1793 and means clear water. It was however originally named by our First Nations People thousands of years before.

Nibbalin was one of its names. Nibbalin has been my playground and visual reminder of the beauty of living in Hobart.

The painting is a tribute to the great water mass that thousands of people and animals have enjoyed over time and it’s seductive hold is has over many.

The smell of the ocean air rising up from it’s back, the grumbling of it’s belly, the hypnotic beauty on a clear, crisp day. Nibbalin you have hypnotised me and I love you.

Samantha Beau