Monaco Yacht Show – Art on Water


Art on super yachts are breath taking!

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is one of the most prestigious in the world and has some of the world’s biggest luxury boats, boasting some of the world’s most celebrated artists..

I love going to the MYS!

It is dazzling, laid back, fun and relaxing all at once.

It’s an opportunity to see and admire opulent boats while enjoying the treasures and offerings of the Cote D’azure.

My typical day involves an early morning swim at Larvotto Beach, swinging back via a boulangerie to chat (in my broken French) and grab a fresh baguette or croq monsieur.

I love the French ways and enjoy the markets, shopping and restaurants.

After relaxing some more, I will find a local restaurant and usually have plates de jours which will be a restaurant selected two dishes with two wines. Moules marniere (mussels) is huge favourite of mine. Rose is the French cordial as such and is drunk at any opportunity.

After lunch I will paint.

Years ago I purchased a small tray of water colours from Nice. They have been my trusted and favourite paint set for years.

The pigments are stunning, clear and move graciously over a blotted paper.

After painting, I generally check out the boat show.

This means catching up with friends, going on yachts, checking out the lastest marine equipment, networking with interior designers and owners for my art works.

These are a snippets of art works from the boat and some of my own art works from Monaco.