Monaco Yacht Show

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Beau Soleil

Monte Carlo is the main (and only) city within the Principality known as Monaco.

I have travelled their several times, three to the Monaco Yacht Show and another time just to visit and enjoy.

The French food, the lifestyle, the restaurants, the clubs, the views, the Cote D’Azure.. Monaco feels like my home away from home.

J’aime Monaco!

My typical day involves a little sleep in, a swim in the Cote d’azure, a visit to the Boulangerie to practice my broken French and grab a breakfast delight.

Then home to get ready for the day. Often passing by the markets, admiring flowers, chatting to people.

I take time to get ready for my brunch/lunch and usually settle at one of the many amazing restaurants having the plat du jour. Invariable it is amazing – a delicious entree, coiffed with a local Rose and a yummy main.

I love the food, wine and people and these are only some of the pieces I have done of my visits.