Mykonos Art


The Monaco of Greece

Two weeks ago I headed over to Mykonos to paint and relax. It is the perfect island to do both of these things (and throw in wonderful food and a vibrant party scene).

The blues are everything you see in travel brochures – vibrant, clean and almost true colours.

Equipped with my Sennelier water colour set which I bought in Nice, France about 8 years ago, off I set every day.

The colours of the Aegean were equally as appealing as the Cote D’Azure and not too cold.

Mornings exercising, lunch times eating and painting and evenings exploring.

I found Mykonos has a healthy art scene. Due to the “clientel” they receive many wonderful pieces are available. Super yacht owners, random travelers and people like myself.

After meeting a few gallery owners I know would love to have pieces hung in Mykonos next year. The island is very seasonal with most things closing down now until May 2020.

These are some of my favourite images of the island.