Rescue not Ride

Posted on October 21, 2017

My latest street chalk about elephants has lead to contacts in Cambodia and a rescue sanctuary.

I am hoping to help them more with some elephant drawings that might be raffled or auctioned…


Turtle don’t need straws…

Posted on October 21, 2017

One of my favourite street art chalks have been my little turtle..

With his slogan : Smile and say “no thanks” to plastic, he had a long stint on the front fence with many admirers.

Say no to plastic

Painting for charity

Posted on August 25, 2017

This eclectic warung/bar opened by Putu last year is set amongst the rice paddies in Ubud.

You need to know the secret walk way beside Starbucks.

The secret rice paddy walks connects lots of hotels up the road…

It’s a leisurely walk and once you are on it, it’s easy to find Sweet Orange Warung. Just follow the rubbish bins…

The beers are cold, the atmosphere relaxed and there’s plenty to see or not see.

I am interested in Putu’s gardening efforts  – she is trying to grow lettuce at the moment in piping.

Her other crops look fantastic and include eggplant, chilli, spinach, paw paw, corn.

I am going to make this a regular check in when I go to Ubud.

Mainly to get out of the hustle and bustle of Ubud and also to support an entrepreneurial female in a third world country who has managed to create an awesome venue!


I did go back to visit Putu last week.

After the first visit I thought I would paint the hanging coconut heads.

My crazy idea is that I would paint the coconut heads, and ask Putu to hang the painting with the aim to sell the painting.

I have been giving money to a local Balinese man, Wayan, and his family, for a few years.

He was struck by bamboo six years ago and has been a quadriplegic since.

Unable to walk, move and being bed bound, has made life very difficult for Wayan and his family.

To my surprise last week, when I returned with my painting, Putu and her husband, Nyoman said they would buy the painting.

They told me how they support local causes and believed this was a good cause.

So gratefully I accepted their money, and for now, the painting of that fantastic warung, Sweet Orange Warung, will remain hanging above the welcome sign.

Make sure you go and check it out!

OH YES – they make awesome spring rolls too.

Bali Nourish Retreat

Posted on September 7, 2016

Hi, are you really busy, are you run down or find it really hard to get clarity around your life or just need some “ME”time?

Maybe you are just going from one activity to the next; kids to work to bed to work…

Or maybe you just can’t get it together or are recovering from an illness.

That’s what these wellness retreats are for! Time for YOU!

They are for women to get outside their bubble, to relax and to nourish themselves.

I am a wellness coacha life coach and have been working with women for over 14 years in my clinic and I am very excited to invite you to this women’s retreat.

Chakra Waterfalls – spiritually enlightening
Chakra Waterfalls – spiritually enlightening

What will we be doing?


We will visit some of the most spiritual places in Bali, will do some fun activities and at meal times will sample some of the best food you have seen and tasted.

On our adventure days, we will visit a volcano and incredible lake, go water rafting (it is a gentle river) and the Hindu Puri Titra Empul waterfalls (one of my favorite cleansing places in the world).

We will play with our boundaries and attend a cooking class and discover the wonderful tastes of Bali first hand.

One afternoon we shall let our limitations go and visit a famous artist who will inspire and show us how to do a choice of our own Batik or canvas.

Many people are nervous giving themselves permission to “be” and have grown up “me” time but as you will see, the more we can self nourish, the more fulfilled and purpose filled our lives become. The art experience is extremely liberating!

During the day we will have daily sessions about designing our most perfect day and how say “yes” to our needs and “no” to distractions.

What will YOU receive from attending this retreat?

This retreat is a really good opportunity for you to nourish yourself.

  • Nourish your soul.

  • Nourish your mind.

  • Nourish your body.

We are going to do some sleeping in, some exploring and much rebalancing.

I have travelled to Bali extensively and have hand picked activities that will nourishmany aspects of your being.

The retreat is not about cramming loads of activities into the week but it is about a balance between relaxing, recharging, relearning and reconnecting.

Most of all it is about nourishing yourself.

This is not a detoxing, or “punish and remove” week.

It is quite the opposite.

Drinking cocktails on sunset is fine and extra massages or spa treatments encouraged!
My philosophies are that people are sensory deprived and feel empty or low on reserves and need nourishment and love.


  • 5 nights’ luxury accommodation
  • Breakfast daily
  • A fresh juice on your arrival.
  • 3 dinners and 3 lunches (including a degastation meal at one of the world’s finest restaurants, Mozaic)
  • A Balinese experience cooking class
  • An art class where you get to explore your inner child and take home either a batik art work or your own canvas
  • Two yoga and stretch classes 
  • Visual stimulation as you meander down the Ayung River on a gentle rafting experience.
  • A wine tasting experience at the gorgeous Bridges restaurant
  • A one on one person break through session with Sam 
  • Empowering daily sessions with Sam working out your values, what you don’t need to hang onto any more and help designing your most perfect day.
  • 90 minute massage at our resort so you can slink into the pool after or relax on your private balcony reading a book.
  • Two half day adventures. One day to the volcano, stopping to take in the inspirational views and marvel at the lake, stopping and cleansing on the way back via the Pura Tirtra Empul waterfalls. Established in the 9th Century and once habitated by the president, these sacred falls, will help you cleanse and purify your soul.
  • The second half day adventure is to sample the famous Luwak coffee and to go on a gentle rafting experience. You will need swimmers for the rafting experience
  • Full use of the Resorts Facilities: pool, lounges and lots of space to relax.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Airport transfers for your arrival and departure.
  • Complimentary goodie bag on arrival

Please note: Flights and travel insurance are not included.

I invite you to come along and I will hold your hand through what will be a beautiful week.


EARLY BIRD until 31st December $2797

Before 31st Dec $2797

After 31st Dec $2957

If you have any questions, email me, otherwise this is an invitation only.

It’s not a hoo-har event. I will only be taking a limited number of people on this retreat.

It is perfect for women so if you really feel it is time to nourish yourself and take some time out and maybe get some clarity around some things in your life, I invite you to join me.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing from you soon.

Find out what is included by clicking here.

Where we are staying

Ubud in Bali, is a town an hour inland, a little higher than the coast. It has a special healing air, is cooler and very calming.

What will strike you is the incredible shades of green, the organic nature of the place and the aesthetic beauty.

I have stayed in many places around Ubud and this place is luxiourious and close to town. It is a small resort with an on site restaurant, yoga area and swimming pool.

You can walk into town but a taxi is easy and cheap.

We will be doing a few activities around town and for our day trips I will be organising out transport. I want you to relax and enjoy the ride and not stress about getting to where you need to be. One thing I have learned from Bali over my many visits is that she seems to have a way of locating you exactly where you need to be at that point in time. Trust all will be OK.

Dates: Monday 20th – Saturday 25th February 2017.

Monday arrival and check in.

Activities Tuesday – Saturday.

Retreat finishes Saturday lunch time.

Accommodation Monday – Saturday – five nights in your own beautiful room (not including Saturday night)

Secure My Place here!

$500 Deposit or pay before end of August to receive Early Bird rate

To secure your place now (remember places are very limited and will be allocated on first paid, first to attend basis). You can pay a deposit of $500 which will secure you place on this retreat. You will need to send an email to me ( confirming your deposit.

I will forward a booking form which you can use to secure your payment with either a payment plan or you can pay in full with direct deposit or credit card. If you do not go ahead with your booking you will forfeit a $200 non refundable administration fee. The balance of the remainder will be refundable up to 21 days before the retreat starts. If the retreat  is not paid for in full 30 days prior,your deposit and place will be forfeited.

Hi, I am Sam and I love adventure, and experiencing the amazing planet we live on. I also have a natural medicine clinic and help people find their life purpose, manage stress and live a life be design, not by default.
I am looking forward to meeting you in person and helping you with your journey and clarity. Ubud is a magic place, as is Bali and beautiful things happen. Come with me and reconnect with yourself and nourish your body, mind and spirit. Love and light, Sam

Italy – Enliven Your Senses Retreat

Posted on September 7, 2016

Details to be confirmed after I visit Italy in September and October this year.

Dates for next year are Tuesday 3rd October – Wednesday 11th October 2017

This retreat is for people who want to travel to a passionate country and re-ignite their senses.

I will be taking you through Roma where we will taste, smell and experience alive food, love food and cherished food.

We will see many sights, hear many things, touch and experience a wonderful ancient but very beautiful city.

Then off to Tuscany to spend time in our own villa, travelling the country side, indulging in excellent wines, art and fun!

Email me for more information or to express your interest.

I will be posting more about it as I go on my face book page in September/October so make sure you watch for my posts.

Nepal- Discovery Retreat

Posted on September 7, 2016

Stay posted for information about my discovery retreat to Nepal.

Dates are Tuesday 18th April 2017 – Wednesday 26th April 2017.

8 nights, including Kathmandu, Pokhora and 3 nights in a village in the Himalayas.

Nepal is a wonderful country and I want to show you a side of life that not many get to experience, a land of wonders and mystic and people brimming with gratitude and smiles.

You will come back with a totally different outlook on life.

Email me now to find out more. (I should have full details posted here by mid Sept)

The Bali Art scene is Alive and Well

Posted on September 6, 2016

There is so much to visually feast on in Bali and the art scene is stimulating and exciting. I have  captured some market art, some street art and some artists.

Bali Street Art

Wandering through the streets of Bali, passing rice paddies, cows, children playing, men working, there is so much to see and take in but it would be a shame not to notice the street art. It is beautiful and far from “grafetti” in a vandolism sense.

It is beautiful, heart felt art.


I am not too sure if it the Balinese Hinduism that comes across so eloquently in the many signs, but all of them seem like little positive affirmation messages from the universe.

These are but a handful from this visit.

Bali is predominantly Hindu and signs express their witty, poignant interpretation of a beautiful faith. I love keeping an eye out for signs.

Zenny henny Penny

Zenny henny Penny

Market Art

The many markets can offer some incredible art and are definitely worth a look if you are considering taking home a piece.


Bali is a creative hub and draws in world class artists. Some have their own galleries, others sell on-line and others sell into larger galleries.

I discovered Harry Holiday this trip around in Canguu (his exhibition room is at Deus). With many original funky pieces I found it really hard to settle on three to bring home. Priced really well, you can take home a print or an original lacquered treasure.

Harry Holiday working hard at Deus Canguu

Doors and Openings

What can I say? Only a trippy space cadet or architect would notice doors and arch ways and I DO!

Bali has an incredible array of door sizes, door ways, hinges, styles and arches. I am so fascinated with many that I photograph them. Some of them really capture my imagination and I drift off wondering what is behind the door… a fantasy world, a cloud, maybe it’s a door to another dimension. HA, you can see, I am a pixie and love doors. Here are a few from last visit.