NFTs – My next move and why


This is an invitation to be involved with a very exciting project – a fundraising Non Fungible Token NFT event!

As the world adjusts to VOID-19 the rest of us “planet and art” makers are adjusting to NFTs, Blockchains and how to create art for this space.

My preferences for “art mediums” have been oils due to their vibrant colours, acrylics for their dancing like qualities and fast drying and pastels for their stunning simplicity and complexity. And now as I daydream out to sea I want to add digital art as my next challenge and medium.

I mean… why not?

My street chalks are very much along the lines of Banksy and Lushsux works.

I get the sense of “living on the edge” when I draw them.

I love the depth and forgiving nature that chalks offer me.

I love the access to foot traffic and being able to make a big impact in the media.

So sliding into NFTs for my street chalks makes sense.

Gold Coast Bulletin 2019

Many of the projects I have done have been community minded, raising awareness and engagement from passer-bys and those seeing my art in the media and on the news.

I have a few ideas brewing in my soul at the moment. One centred around two organisations that I have volunteered for involving the hump back whale and koala.

If you have any interest in this space, I invite you to join in my journey as I discover more about NFTs, blockchains and tokens.

If you are interested in investing in my first NFT please reach out now. Send me an email.

Otherwise join my insta page and I will post my progress there.

Sam 🙂