Painting for charity


This eclectic warung/bar opened by Putu last year is set amongst the rice paddies in Ubud.

You need to know the secret walk way beside Starbucks.

The secret rice paddy walks connects lots of hotels up the road…

It’s a leisurely walk and once you are on it, it’s easy to find Sweet Orange Warung. Just follow the rubbish bins…

The beers are cold, the atmosphere relaxed and there’s plenty to see or not see.

I am interested in Putu’s gardening efforts  – she is trying to grow lettuce at the moment in piping.

Her other crops look fantastic and include eggplant, chilli, spinach, paw paw, corn.
















I am going to make this a regular check in when I go to Ubud.

Mainly to get out of the hustle and bustle of Ubud and also to support an entrepreneurial female in a third world country who has managed to create an awesome venue!


I did go back to visit Putu last week.

After the first visit I thought I would paint the hanging coconut heads.

My crazy idea is that I would paint the coconut heads, and ask Putu to hang the painting with the aim to sell the painting.


I have been giving money to a local Balinese man, Wayan, and his family, for a few years.

He was struck by bamboo six years ago and has been a quadriplegic since.

Unable to walk, move and being bed bound, has made life very difficult for Wayan and his family.

To my surprise last week, when I returned with my painting, Putu and her husband, Nyoman said they would buy the painting.

They told me how they support local causes and believed this was a good cause.



So gratefully I accepted their money, and for now, the painting of that fantastic warung, Sweet Orange Warung, will remain hanging above the welcome sign.

Make sure you go and check it out!

OH YES – they make awesome spring rolls too.