The Secret Keyhole


Oil on Canvas

82 x 109 x 3


“Have you ever seen the keyhole?” He asked. What keyhole? Where? I must go and find this secret keyhole.

The real tourism path of Rome lies in the alleys, in the stories, behind the keyholes.

He gives me the vague yet accurate directions.

“Go past circus maximus, up the hill, past the orange orchard, up the top of the hill you will find a big door. Look though the keyhole. Then you will see the answer.”


The brief is:

T H E G O L D E N R A T I O A R T E X H I B I T I O N The international exhibition invites you to be inspired by the golden ratio, divine and mathematical representation of beauty, to challenge your creativity, emotions and soul. Encourages you to create your “Golden Masterpiece”, a fusion of your unique style and this universal canon. The collective therefore intends to celebrate the power of the creative and artistic act as a free interpretation and pure passionate choice, indelible to divine proportion.