Solo Exhibition – Meanwhile on the Border


Meanwhile on the Border is the upcoming solo exhibition by artist Samantha Beau.

This pop up art space, which will run for ten days, will showcase many of Sam’s latest abstract expressionistic pieces with local water colour landscapes.

Sam wants to bring to light the styles that she creates and importantly for art to be accessible to all.

Over past last twelve months, the twin towns of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads have suffered from forced isolation known as The Bubble.

Whilst Sam complied with the demographic lock down and helped her partner with his restaurant businesses, her mind and creative soul was largely roaming free absorbing the drops of natural goodness that the area has to offer. She was able to draw upon solace and freedom from these ocean swims and walks, keeping well motivated and inspired.

This exhibition will have two distinctly different styles. The smaller water colour landscapes are cheery and loved by all and have been commissioned over the lock down by families and local mums and dads that want a little reminder of the beauty of the local beaches.

The other side of her exhibit will highlight her latest direction in art, abstract expressionism with her childhood influences of Kandinsky, Rothko and Brett Whitely.

Exhilarating hues capture moods in Sam’s abstract way of experiencing the world. “It is not what we see but how we feel it and not seeing all means we don’t experience any” she says. Meanwhile on the Border is about the life force of the southern end of the Gold Coast strip and the last touch point of the norther rivers of NSW.

It is the culmination of real and imagination, of nature and art.

Open this Easter and running for ten days, the pop up art gallery is not to be missed.

Sam is adamant that art should be for all ages, all back grounds, all people. She loves seeing people trying to make sense of her paintings and ultimately making their own story and meaning, and usually grinning at the end. It gives her great joy.

The open hours are limited (10am – 2pm ) each day, so come down and combine your day-stay with a visit to the local headlands (Danger Point) a walk along Snapper to Coolangatta, or a dip at Kirra. There are many of restaurants in town that will cap off a wonderful day including Sam’s partner’s Japanese restaurant, Osushi Coolangatta.