The 12 Days of Endangered Australian Species

Endangered Species

Recently I heard Riley Elliott, Shark Scientist, talking about sharks and the bad rap they get but they are starting to become endangered!

It got me thinking, maybe it’s time for another street chalk and to see if I could get people to fall in love with sharks!

I started off with one shark, then decided to do the 12 Days of Australian Endangered Species.

The piece took 3 days all up and so far has gathered lots of interest. Cars stopping, cars driving past honking, people walking past stopping to say hello. I even had two boys today stop in and join in.

These are a few of Australia’s endangered species and their stories.

Mako Shark

This large fish is so graceful yet it’s dark eyes look almost blank. It’s a super fast fish.

They consume about 3% of their body weight a day and considering they are a large shark that’s a lot. They eat big fish tuna, swordfish etc and sometimes other sharks, porpoises, sea turtles and seabirds. They hunt by swimming below their prey then lunge upwards!

More on the Mako here. To see an incredible photo with Riley Elliott Shark Scientist click here.


The Derwent River Starfish

I grew up with these star fish being scattered along the beach, thick in numbers and quite tenacious. We would often throw them back and most would survive. Unfortunately other star fish have been introduced and now The Derwent River Starfish is endangered.

More on them here.


Hawksbill Turtle

Turtles are so ancient and majestic. I have always loved the way they swim and roam. I sometimes wonder if I am more turtle or mermaid! This lovely turtle is found mostly in shallow lagoons. It’s shell will change colour with different temperatures and unfortunately these beauties are on the “critically endangered” list!

More on them here.


Orange Bellied Parrot

These beauties are native to South Australia but predominately breed in Tasmania. They are also on the critical endangered list. More here


Spotted Handfish

This incredible fish is critically endangered. There is less than 100 left. Living in Tasmania you can read more about them here. It has been reduced in numbers due to invading species, habitat changes and heavy metals!


Grey Nurse Shark

This shark used to rule the seas but commercial fishing and hunting of the animal has left numbers dwindling around only 1000! This has major ramifications on the other animals in the sea. Read more here


Murray River Cod

This huge, elegant cod has lived in the Murray River Basin way before Australian settlement. Unfortunately fishing of this beast lead to decreased numbers and lately the drying up of the Murray River Basin due to negligent political policy has lead to this fish now being on the endangered list!

People can act and more information is here.

Black Throated Finch

This darling creature was suggested by a follower on face book. Well I can say I have found this dear little bird delightful and of course worthy of us saving. It’s greatest threat is deforestation and planet warming. More information here.


Bramble Cay Melomys

Unfortunately this beautiful Queensland based marsupial is now extinct. This is why we need to act! Humans can never regenerate an animal once it is gone.

More on this lovely animal here.


Margaret River Burrowing Crayfish

This bright chirpy crayfish is only found in Margaret River and only 5cm in length. Find out more here

Southern Snapping Turtle

This little guy is found mainly in Queensland is on the critically endangered list. Whilst not as good looking as other endangered animals, this one is being decimated due to cows trampling on nests and foxes seeking out eggs. More information found here. 

This shy little Aussie critter is nocturnal (only comes out at night) and is found all around Australian. They can climb trees and live in little dens. Unfortunately numbers are dwindling and they need urgent intervention. More information here.

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