Why I Enjoy Art


This year is the year I throw myself into art and part of that is getting my art out in front of people.

Competitions, exhibitions, social media are all necessary in making a splash.

I guess it also sculpts one’s determination, to improve, to do better, to produce more.

Just like when I wanted to get better at swimming, I was instructed by my coach to SWIM more.

I imagine the same applies for art.

Not expecting every piece to be a prize winning piece means accepting rejections. This is hard.

Really hard!

Art is different to any other form of expression.

It’s like one is interpreting a mirage of feelings, energies and trying to relay that imprint in colour, form, shades. It fascinates me.

I really want to be a famous artist.

I want the world to see momentarily the world through my eyes.

I want to shift energy states in people.

I want people to smile and as a child I believed that one smile would ripple around the world and create more smiles.

That’s what I want to see, feel, hear, and do!

I deep down want to live in a happy world where we all contribute to making it better with the arts, with music, with smiles, with care.